A reason to think and act urgently, if any of this, you observe (observed) from your life.

Check all signs as follow.

Maria Alexanderov

6/14/20233 min read

a forest scene with sunlight shining through the trees
a forest scene with sunlight shining through the trees

1. If before at some point in your life (most often meeting with some person) you had health, fame, talent, success, family, happiness, money, career, abilities and then some of this or all slowly began to disappear and change for the worse,

2. If for yourself or others, people tell you that you have an unpleasant smell, the shades of the smell may be different depending on the type of harm caused,

the smell of stink, earth, mortuary, old people, homeless people, etc. while you are only out of the shower, and the smell is in independence. The same thing if you noticed an unpleasant smell from someone from the environment.

3. You have brown circles under the eyes, dark spots under the eyes.

4. Night and excessive sweating.

5. Smell from feet, bad smell from socks, and wet socks for no reason.

6. You wake up at 3 a.m. often and sleep poorly, not calmly, do not get enough sleep.

7. Nightmares, strange and frightening dreams, waking up in the middle of the night with fear occurring often or constantly.

8. You are distracted and constantly irritable for no apparent reason, it is difficult for you to concentrate.

9. You found unfamiliar and strange objects at home, near the house, on clothes, at your workplace: needles, earth, feathers, eggs, etc.

10. Your photos are shared with certain people, including detractors, although you may think they are friends, some people ask you to send them your latest photos, or have access to your photos.

11. You ate with some people or were visiting them, and you feel bad. felt after that, apathy, pain somewhere, a bad mood.

12. With some acquaintances, you constantly feel a breakdown, even during communication.

13. You were given gifts, some things, objects, and after that you were unpleasant, bad, something negative happened.

14. You began to often get into a situation of rejection and conflicts, traffic rules, things are stolen from you, your car is opened, you lose things and documents.

15. People have become hostile towards you for no reason.

16. All your new undertakings and plans do not work out, although you invest maximum effort, time, and money.

17. Before meeting someone, something negative happened, you blew a tire, a dog threw himself under a car, something strange or bad, any event or meeting, and some negative signs before or after that.

18. Dramatically changed their behavior, friends, any abrupt and unreasonable changes in your life in any direction of life.

19. Sharp cravings for alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and the like.

20. Some people (person) you suddenly began to really like, and you want to constantly communicate with them, and you can’t understand why and why, you are very drawn to them, you want to help them in everything and give everything you have for them

21. Obsessive thoughts about someone, intrusive dreams about someone, this can be for many years, recurring dreams

22. Lack of will and no new desires, although before you were full of life and desires and hobbies.

23. Pain in the spine in different areas, depending on the type of damage, different chakras are affected, pain is as if behind, for example, pain in the back of the middle part of the back, pain in the lower back.

24. Strange, knocking sounds in the house, in the room where you are

25. The places where you work are closed for various reasons, suffer losses for no apparent justified reasons, constant conflicts with people, although you are a non-conflict person and do not like conflict.

26. Stones, especially natural ones, will crumble on you, jewelry taming will break. For example, I had a case of a gold ring with natural stones burst, even a small part of the diamond ring crumbled. Silver on you constantly darkens.

27. You lose and break your crucifix, lose, or break your wedding ring.

28. Someone knocked on you, rang the doorbell, you opened it and there was no one (visible with an ordinary human eye)

29. Strange and obsessive bad thoughts about yourself or others.

30. Pets have any unusual and strange behavior, this is the first to suffer, taking energy shocks from the owner, their illness or death, other people's dogs bark at you and rush for no apparent reason.

31. Children cry at home, fears of children, night terrors of children, fear of the dark, other people's children do not come to you in your arms, cry if you are nearby, small children are more sensitive and “see” up to a certain age.

32. What kind of people or person is constantly interested in your affairs, health, plans, down to details, exact details that a friend or friend or relative usually does not need to know. For example, you want to go to take an exam, and that it will pass the address, and the name of the person who will take it, and the exact date and time of it, etc.

33. You don't want to, you can't go to the church, the passage is over, the whole book can be purchased from me as the author of the book: "Knowledge that changes lives."

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