The real text of Cyprian's prayer

Friends, I am posting a very strong prayer for protection and cleansing from witchcraft, the original text of Cyprian's prayer

We begin to say the prayer of the Hieromartyr Cyprian, in the days or at night, or at what hour you exercise, all the forces of the opposition will fall away from the glory of the Living God.

This Hieromartyr, with all his soul praying to God with the words: "Lord God the Strong and Holy, King of Kings, now hear the prayer of Your servant, Cyprian."

You will have a thousand thousand and darkness of darkness Angel and Archangel, You weigh the secret, the heart of Your servant (name), appear to him, Lord, as if in chains to Paul and in fire to Thecla. Taco, know me, You, for I am the first to create all my iniquities.

You, holding the clouds, and the sky does not rain the garden tree, and then the fruit is uncreated. Wait for non-idle wives, and others will not conceive. I only look at the fence of the Perograd, and I do not create. The rod does not bloom and the class does not vegetate; Grapes are not born, and animals are not born. The fish of the sea do not swim and the birds of the sky fly are forbidden. Taco, You showed Your power in the presence of the prophet Elijah.

I pray Thee, Lord my God; all sorcery, and all the evil demons to the sin of man, and the sin of creation, You, by Your power, forbid! Now, Lord my God, Strong and Great, favored from the unworthy, worthy of me to be, and partaker of Your Holy flock, I pray Thee, Lord my God, whoever has this prayer in the house or with him, make him asking her.

By His Most Holy Majesty, merciful on me and do not desire to destroy me with my iniquities; so do not destroy everyone who prays to You with this prayer.

Fragile in faith, confirm! Strengthen the weak in spirit! Admonish the desperate one and do not turn away anyone who resorts to Your Holy Name.

Even, falling down to You, Lord, I pray and ask Your holy name: in every house and in every place, especially on an Orthodox Christian, there is some sorcery from crafty people or from demons, may this prayer be read over the head of a person or in a house and be resolved from binding by evil spirits in envy, flattery, jealousy, hatred, malice, fearfulness, effective poisoning, from pagan eating and from every spell and oath.

Whoever, having acquired this prayer in his house, may he be kept from all tricks of the devil, intrigue, poison by evil and crafty people, from spells and all sorcery and sorcery, and may the demons flee from him and may the evil spirits retreat. Lord my God, have power in heaven and on earth, for the sake of Your Holy Name and for the sake of the unspeakable goodness of Your Son, our God Jesus Christ, hear at this hour Your unworthy servant (name), even if he honors this prayer and let all the devil's intrigues.

As wax melts from the face of fire, so let all the sorcery and spells of the crafty perish on behalf of a person who reveres this prayer. Like the name of the Life-Giving Trinity, enlightenment is the essence of us, and do we not know thee, another god. We believe in You, we worship You and we pray to You; protect, intercede and save us, O God, from every crafty act and sorcery of evil people.

As for the sons of Moses, you poured out sweet water from a stone, so, Lord God of Forces, put Your hand on Your servant (name), full of Your goodness and protect from all scheming.

Bless, Lord, the house in it may this prayer abide and of everyone who honors my memory, send Thy Grace to him, Lord, and protect him from all sorcery. Be his helper and protector, O Lord.

Four rivers: Pison, Geon, Euphrates and Tigris: an Edenic person cannot hold back, so no sorcerer can set up deeds or demonic dreams before reading this prayer, I conjure by the Living God! May the demon be crushed and all the nasty and evil power sent from evil people to the servant of God (name) be driven away.

As you have multiplied the years of Ezekiah the king, so multiply the years of those who have this prayer: by the service of the Angel, by the singing of the Seraphim, by the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Archangel Gabriel and for the sake of the incorporeal conception of Her, our Lord Jesus Christ, His glorious Nativity in Bethlehem, by the slaughter from Herod the king four on ten thousand babies and his Holy Baptism received in the Jordan River, fasting and temptation from the devil, His terrible victory and His most terrible judgment, His most terrible miracles in the world of the former: grant healing and cleansing. Revive the dead, cast out demons, and into Jerusalem His entrance, as if fulfilling the King: - "Ossain to the Son of David - from the babies crying out to Thee, hear" the Holy Passion, Crucifixion and Burial enduring, and even on the third day of the Resurrection, it was like it was written to eat, and to heaven ascent. The singing of numerous angels and archangels there, glorifying His rising, even at the right hand of the Father of sitting until His second coming to judge the living and the dead.

You gave power to Your holy disciple and the Apostle, who told them: "Hold and hold on - decide and be resolved," so to everyone, by this prayer, allow all devilish sorcery over Your servant (name).

For the sake of Your Holy Great Name, I conjure and drive away all the souls of the crafty and evil and the eyes of evil people and their sorceries, slander, witchcraft, eye damage, sorcery and all the tricks of the devil. I pray to you, many-merciful.