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Maria Alexanderov

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a stop sign that is in front of a cloudy sky
a stop sign that is in front of a cloudy sky

Some types of negativities, as felt in the presence, are signs of presence, it is important to know.

During healing cleansing, proofreading, it is always throwing and moving something in the body. It hurts here and there, throwing energy, fuss, moving, like a flow of energy. Depending on what exactly, a dead person or a demon (necro or demonomagic) is settled. The demon, whispering bad thoughts of harming yourself or others, tells you in your thoughts: "let's do this and that (something bad, sabotage, evil) and look at the result." For example, let's jump out of the window, push someone out of the balcony, i.e., real harm.

It is always causing harm either to oneself or to another person most often a relative or friend. There is my observation that most often a higher-frequency person (more positive than others) is selected from space, and it is he who is whispered to cause harm. Such thoughts (not yours) need to be able to track and analyze so as not to become a thoughtless victim of negativity. The longer the negative in a person, the more he gains energy and strength from this person, so you need to remove it as soon as possible. This procedure is called an exorcism.

The settlement of a dead person (intentionally by black magic or by low vibrations of a person who himself allowed the negative to penetrate his energy body with his own vibrations) is always an outflow of energy, if it is a small child, then these are tantrums with suffocation and blue face, blue around the mouth. Like a demon, it also feeds on the energy of the person in which it is hooked.

A person with "sharing" cannot enter highly private places such as the Church, Temple, Place of Power with a plus sign, if a small child, then he yells when entering the Church, if a large person with "sharing", then for some strange reason, he does not want to and can't go there. Such a person is afraid, does not like everything church: icons, prayers, holy water, feels rejection, rejection, anger of all this. If a small child is living in a room, then he builds terrible creepy grimaces on his face from time to time, which are not characteristic of a child, like masks. Such a child is irritable, often cries, is not controllable. Unpleasant odors from such people are the main symptom, all unpleasant odors are constant even after a shower, the smells of old age, garbage dumps, cemeteries, earth, naphthalene, mortuary, terrible stench.

Love spell. Love spells are of different types and directions, someone does more on the sexual chakra, someone on the love (Anahata) chakra and always on the 6th chakra and manipura. If the emphasis is on the sexual chakra, then the bewitched “really wants” the object to whom they bewitched, if on love, then inexplicable love longing for the object, obsessive thoughts about the object, not understanding why it draws to the object, the bewitched wants to be always there and so on.

Obsessive dreams about an object, this can continue for years, the same person who did a love spell on you can dream. Another love spell is done not only by a man against a woman or a woman against a man, but also a woman against a woman, the symptoms are the same, inexplicable love, a desire to be together and be friends (without sex).

The desire to take care and help and meet often and talk sincerely, call first, devote your life to the object solving its problems, as some kind of dependence on the object. There is always a suppression of the willpower of the bewitched, this is the Manipura chakra, the middle part of the back, there is heaviness, pain in the spine, tightness, discomfort, like a backpack behind the back.

A sign of the presence of a love spell is an inexplicable adoration of the object to whom they have bewitched, such a person can spend hours leafing through an album with photographs of the person who has bewitched him and for hours praise those around him “all the virtues” of the bewitched, even if there are no virtues. When in contact with the bewitched, constantly kissing, a lot of compliments to her, complete worship of the object and complete obedient service, to the point of humiliation in front of the object.

Morok, frostbite. This clouding of the mind, obsessive thoughts, no clarity of thinking, fog of consciousness, depending on the prescribed program, obsessive thoughts to do this and that, maybe you just want to sleep and do nothing. If the program is for obedience, then the thoughts are to serve, to help, not to analyze the object itself, to help with the last of your strength, completing tasks and commands from the object who ordered the hassle for obedience. Very often done together with a love spell. Or just when you need certain people to do something that some witch needs.

This is Negative on the 6th chakra and its signs: headaches, pressure on the temples, heaviness of the head, heaviness as consciousness, a cap around the head and the like associated with the head area. The task of this negativity is to make you do tasks without understanding why and why, stupid as a slave.

Damage, there are a huge number of types of damage. It is done on different areas of life and different chakras, most often these are combinations, depending on the purpose of damage, to take away or harm, destroy. If you had success in some area, for example, in your career, and then you suddenly became unlucky, problems, and something bad is recognized.

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