Book "Knowledge that changes lives"

Who is this book for?

Maria Alexanderov

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a bunch of flowers with the title how to survive in the energy of the energy
a bunch of flowers with the title how to survive in the energy of the energy

Knowledge that changes lives

Who is this book for:

*If you have problems and diseases that you treat cannot be cured or doctors cannot make a normal diagnosis, and no ordinary medical care helps.

* If you have a black streak, difficulties in some or all areas of life.

*If you or your loved one is depressed, apathetic, losing the meaning of life, or you live without joy.

*If you are a materialist and do not believe in anything that cannot be felt or touched

*If you do not believe in magic and all that, incomprehensible and not proven.

*If you want to improve the quality of your life.

*If you want to live more consciously.

*If you are a person who prefers to learn to live on other people's mistakes in order not to fill their own bumps.

*You want to gain knowledge about the energy-information field and the causes and consequences.

* More consciously understand the cause of divorces, sharp and sudden illnesses of people, inexplicable cases.

*You are an open person for new and useful information.

* You are not an esoteric, but you want to do without illness and misfortune in life.

*You are a family person and want to keep the family together

* You want to find a soul mate in honest ways

* You are a married man, you are a wife, you are a mistress

* Do you have children and want to help children with information

*You have a difficult relationship with your parents

*You are a psychologist, a doctor

Oh, I would love to read this book.

20 or 10 years ago and not make so many mistakes in life ... (from the author)

Table of contents:

1. A reason to think and act urgently, if any of this, you observe (observed).

2. My story: magic exists whether you believe in it or not, although if not, you are then potentially easy prey, better be informed

3. We live in a world of magic and active magicians. Or be careful, black magic!

4. Read the Signs that space constantly sends you.

5. The dangers of spiritual teachers and gurus for people seeking solutions to their problems.

6. Possibilities of black magic or a sad life Tale of Koschey and Baba Yaga

7. Types of negativities, as felt when present, signs of presence

8. Principle You are to blame for the fact that I want to eat

9. Female predators, social energy parasites

10. Who is a mistress?

11. What do a mistress and a jar of pickles have in common?

12. How to identify a real healer? and not get caught by a charlatan or a swindler, as well as gray magicians or chaos in the world of magical services

13. What are your enemies really for?

14.Practical tools for working against evil spirits, cleansing oneself and space from bad things.

15. How to get out of a low negative state (big minus) of depression and apathy, practical advice.

(This is an excerpt from the book Knowledge that changes lives, you can purchase this book from me directly, as the author click here).