Gifts, your photos, personal items in the world of energy and the possibilities of magic. Hidden dangers

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Maria Alexanderov

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The third is your photos.

The abundance of selfies in the social networks.

Photography is a cast of your energy body. Everyone already knows this. In my opinion, the fresher the photographs, the better for magical work effect. On the photo, you can treat and remove the negativity, as well as induce any negativity and black magic.

I have a case from experience, that when for many years relatives did magic, and wrote: “send, your fresh photographs,” you may not know anything about the acting magic on us, they did not even try to write, like: “how are you, where did you go, and whether you took a pictures there, send a photo if you took a pic. Just wrote: “send fresh photos”, they needed, as we later learned, for new black shamanistic rituals.

So, photography provides tremendous opportunities in professional witchcraft hands to perform magic over you. Moreover, even old photos in “good” hands will do, it all depends on the strength of the master.

Be careful where your photos go, and if other people have access to them. In our time, social networks, when people thoughtlessly expose their photos, photos of children for all to see, in most cases, just amusing their vanity and nurturing their vanity. Selfie is the apogee of narcissism and selfishness, flourishing in our time.

Think what a skilled witch can do with your photo in what types of rituals they can participate. You can, of course, need to put protection on yourself and photos, if, due to your activity, you should be in sight.

But without this, it’s how it gets, it can carry it, but it’s like driving a car without knowledge of traffic rules.

Be careful with your photos.

Things, items, gifts.

“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” is an old wisdom, which works here perfectly.

The second important rule is that any personal belongings, firstly, contains your energy, what was in your field, you held in your hands, you need to know, potentially, it can be used in black rituals against you. If any personal belongings happened to get by your ill-wisher, although you may not even know that a person is your ill-wisher, and would be bewitched by him, to think that this is your best friend.

The gifts you received from some one can contain a huge negative energy, if you take them in the bare hands the program immediately turn on. And even if you do not take it, it will work next to you. Be careful what and who gives you. Especially, the “gifts” work well if the subject appears on your body, in the house, in the bedroom, where the contact with your physical body is the closest and the longest. Be aware, that suspicious objects that have a needle.

For example, my father-in-law and his new wife had been given constantly me, my two daughters golden earrings, though our ears were never pierced , and they knew it, but it contains a needle to pierce the energy of the etheric body. Therefore, dark people love to give similar items with needles or sharpened objects, which works faster. And the earrings contained such a negative in strength and effect that they immediately felt heaviness in space, negative emotions, low-frequency vibrations immediately appeared.

Children and animals respond well and immediately to negative. Analyze. Think. Observe signs. If your pet has inadequately behaved or cried a little child, this is a signal.

Also, they gave me a ring of a strange shape, not a complete circle, but as with an arrow at the end, also for the purpose of magical influence. Metal and stones, well and long, hold information. Empty wallets (with magic or not), jewelry, toys, shoes, clothes, especially with a hood (to close your seventh “Crown” chakra -Sahasrara), icons, on any item, you can impose witchcraft.

Be careful what you give and what you are presented.