Health and cleansing

Purification and health of the physical body


Maria Alexanderov

6/18/20232 min read

a glass of water sitting on a table
a glass of water sitting on a table

Keeping fit.

1. The most trivial, but the main reason for headaches, migraines, vasoconstriction, body toxicity and other problems is the lack of ordinary clean water. It's so simple and so important. This is the cause of thickening of the blood and all the resulting diseases and ailments. It is important to record your daily water intake directly, calculate your weight, gender, and see your recommended daily water intake. Measure, measure with sports bottles, glasses, if necessary, write down, but this is important, and it is simply necessary to drink enough water a day. Approximately, it will be 2 liters, but look at your indicator. You may even notice that on days when you did not drink enough water, there is a headache, and if there was still stress, then the probability is generally high. If you are drinking less now, then gradually add water to its amount, so that after a few days or so you will come to a sufficient amount of water. Do everything calmly and gradually. It is not worth it immediately in one day, abruptly drink the entire volume at once, if before that you had a deficiency, this will be a burden on the kidneys, etc. Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or doubts.

2. Intermittent fasting, there is now more and more research on the benefits and benefits of intermittent fasting for the body. It is already more and more recognized as the healthiest way to eat. I can recommend Dr. Berg's channel; he has a lot of useful information on fasting and its modifications. I most of all harmoniously and like the 18/6 form, i.e., 18 hours without eating anything and a 6-hour nutrition window with 2 meals. The body manages to rest in 18 hours, cleanse itself, lightness and more strength appear. Find your form hourly combination, still sometimes I practice 20 and 4 for unloading, those 20 hours break in eating only water, and 4 hours eating window and 2 or 1 meals. 1–3-day water fasts are also very good. Consult a doctor if such fasting is possible for you, according to indications, it cleanses the body at the cellular level, restarts processes, gives a lot of strength and zeroing out everything negative, this is a wonderful and affordable way of physical cleansing, connecting to high vibrations.

3. Restoring blood flow where it is broken, starting the right metabolic processes ...

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