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Maria Alexanderov

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a woman standing in front of a sunset
a woman standing in front of a sunset

The main stage, you need to evaluate your thoughts,

it is important to track destructive thoughts, it’s good if you have the theme of good and evil, believe me to harm a friend, no matter how much you want and the evil spirit does not lead, there is going into Darkness and serving the dark ones, for this if if not in this life, then in the next one you will definitely have to pay, pay the bills for each evil thought for each evil done, it is better to immediately track these thoughts, mark them as destructive and stop them with willpower.

If you doubt whether some thought is negative or destructive, consult, sometimes people do not even understand that some action, deed, thought is a big minus, they are used to it.

From birth, destructive programs are laid in us, manipulating our feelings and we are not even aware of them, accepting them as normal. For example, with the help of guilt or a sense of duty, parents can inspire you with disbelief in yourself, form some complexes, hammer your personality, and since the root stretches from childhood, we can not evaluate something critically.

Here you need to approach the state critically, from the largest to the smallest. Those. from sensations, actions that bring a minus to the daily state to small thoughts that lead down. From big to small. From the fact that it takes a lot of energy to less loss.

Sometimes it is difficult to analyze the level, you need to either consult, or track, record, take note of everything. As if we are cleaning the field from weeds, weeds are different in size and type. To begin with, we distinguish this weed - this is a useful plant. And then we sort, uprooting the weeds (thoughts, negative feelings for someone, bad memories, etc.), from easy to complex, the main thing is that the process is continuous for 15-21 days - this is the key to success. You can keep a detailed diary and upload a brief daily report to the network, while having a more detailed analysis of the flight (the negative events that occurred during the day, what pulled you down during the day, upset, upset, infuriated, enraged, etc.). d.).

It should be taken neutrally as just a task, and the people who brought it in as coaches who teach you to be in the black regardless of their actions. It's like crocodiles will live down in the swamp (your ill-wishers, obvious or secret enemies), and your task is to be constantly higher in vibration on a cloud without letting crocodiles bite you, because they will not be able to rise to you, they live with their low vibrations, this is their homeland, and your task is to be constantly in a positive state of joy, gratitude, neutrality, zeroing, where “they won’t bite you, they won’t eat you”.

Now the vibrations of the Earth are rising even more and more, and it is already a task and a necessity for the survival of everyone to be in a neutral and positive state and not to feed the "crocodiles", i.e. energy vampires. The donor dies first, this should not be forgotten. Now the task of the donor is to be higher in vibrations, being in this state all the time, and if not, then you will simply drain your energy down to the one who made you angry or magically pulled the binding to you in the negative.

As you know, a plus in space will always attract a minus, and the larger the plus, the greater the minus will be nearby. If you for a space of +100, there will immediately be a person -100 nearby, if +1000, it will be -1000, the law of dialectics, yin and yang, this is how space works. It's not good or bad, it's just the law of life. For space, there is no bad or good, assessments, enemies, or friends, this is how the universe works, and the task of the plus person is the donor to prevent the minus, which is always there, from draining his energy.

If you watched the film “The Monk and the Demon”, I highly recommend watching it, there is a moment when the demon says to the monk, I looked after you as a child, how you shone, they radiated a plus for the universe and therefore this huge plus of the future saint attracted a minus of the demon and the saint managed to bring even the demon at the end of the film, with his love and purity, to a higher level to God.

The dark ones exist to bring us even more to the Light.

A monk was asked: "Who taught you to pray so fervently?" The monk replied: "Demons."

Everything is made of Light (from God), the entire Dark World and its representatives, don't forget this when it pulls you down.

An interesting moment from the film, when the demon tells the monk and this must always be remembered, read the article “Why do we need our enemies”, “And Vanya can shine only in a confrontation with me.” Those. treat ill-wishers and unpleasant situations neutrally, do not resonate into discontent in a negative way, giving energy to the enemy or an unpleasant situation, but simply accept it neutrally as a task that needs to be solved and deal with the situation.

What tasks will be large and cannot be solved immediately, then now change the ATTITUDE to the situation to a plus and divide the task into subtasks. For example, I don’t like my job now, the task is to change jobs, the task is big and cannot be solved right away, for example, you need to unlearn in parallel with what you love to do, then you start studying for a new profession, but at the same time NOW you are looking for pluses in your work, me attitude to what you have to do now, look for the positive in it, even if it is not enough, but for example, this job gives you money to study for a new profession.

You quickly make you fall in love with what you have now, bringing energy into a plus, and then even now there will already be more opportunities, because you do not merge into a minus, but are in the plus and you can realize more because there is more free energy to become.

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To live on your high vibrations, on those vibrations of which God created you, and then in your vibrations you get from space what you are supposed to,

but you need to be in them constantly, radiating your high vibrations and space gives you great opportunities there at high vibrations and opens new perspectives.

Your task is to be there constantly, no matter how difficult it is, removing everything from everyday life that can pull you down, for example, completely exclude negative news, horror films, not positive stories, etc.

Keeping track of which thoughts are neutral, which are positive, which are destructive those negative, keep a diary.

Surrounding yourself with only positive people, let them be few or very few, but they should be energy-positive, if it doesn’t work out, let you be without communication,

but this is much better than the negative vibrations of other people around you, their minus also affects you if your empath, even more so.

Religion, church, any religion is better than this nothing.

The church is a very energy-positive place, find your church, where you feel good inside, warm and calm in your soul.

Pray, read prayers, maybe at first it will be difficult to do it through force, but this is a wonderful tool,

it clears the space and works first through force, then there will be joy from it.

Read the Holy Scriptures, of any religion. Your Faith will help you.


Forgive all your ill-wishers and let them go, thanking for the life lessons.

What can you do yourself without the involvement of the Light Mage?

Cleanse the house, your space is constantly incense, sprinkle with holy water, put prayers to listen to at home, bathe yourself and children in diluted holy water, wax candles from the church burn the negative well, roll out sore spots with a raw egg with a prayer, invite the priest to clean the house,

you can repeat From time to time, the priest will not remove the complex negative, but the usual negative in the form of bad thoughts, swearing, not a special magical one is removed perfectly.

The main and main goal Neutral zero thinking, which is in the lead, tends to positive thoughts,

do not accept someone else's negativity on the street, in your environment.

This will create a shield around you, for which evil cannot cling, and do not sin, track your sins, sinful thoughts and repent for past sins, repent with the priest in the church, review the past in a positive light as training you that made you stronger and better and taught a lot.

Caution, work only with light magicians, no gray ones, these are also black ones, in fact. More about this in the topic about magicians and psychics.

The choice of a psychic and a psychologist for help is the most important thing, he must be a clean and good bright person who you like and who creates an atmosphere of warmth and kindness, this cannot be faked.

From this person you should be inspired and inspired.

We remember that the life of all the saints was surrounded by a huge amount of negativity and negative vibrations from space, they attracted chaos with their inner light, but ....

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a plant growing out of a crack in the asphalt
a plant growing out of a crack in the asphalt