How to get out of a low negative state (1 part)

Practical tools and solutions to became happy in your life

Maria Alexanderov

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a small plant growing out of a crack in the ground
a small plant growing out of a crack in the ground

How to get out of a low negative state (big minus) of depression and apathy, practical advice

Practice of awareness and practical solution, reaching high vibrations and maintaining vibrations for 15-21 days, forming a new energy foundation.

The first and most important thing is to go through a detailed diagnosis with the Light Magician and remove if there is a negative on the topic of magic.

  • Black magic and everything connected with it must be diagnosed and, if detected, removed first.

The very first i.e., the so-called zero step is to close questions with black magic, check yourself with a psychic for damage, curses, habitations, bindings of any magical negativity and, if it is found, then remove it completely, cleanse yourself.

  • The place where you live to check its space, where you live and work is also checked by psychics, house, apartment

  • Check that there are no gifts and items associated with black magic at home, they can carry a negative charge and no matter how hard you try to go positive, it will interfere with working in space at a minus. Pay special attention to the bedroom, the place where you sleep and spend most of your time.

  • Remove your photos from the access of negative people, your personal items from negative people, what can be, they can work with objects and use them in various rituals.

  • Cars, movable equipment, objects that you meet every day

  • Environment, people around you. Exclude from life all energy-negative people and do not communicate with them if there is such a need, and there is no other conclusion, reduce communication to a minimum and put-up protection from such people, do not let them bring you into a state of minus and low vibrations. There should not be negative people in the red in your space.

    This is easily diagnosed by healers and tarologists, check all your surroundings with whom you communicate. Sometimes you do not even suspect that you have ill-wishers, because many people are two-faced and they do not show their true face. Even your best friend, a sweet and caring girl, can order magic services, and you may not know it to be under the hassles and other magic inflicted on her. I was in awe of my caring girlfriend until I found out that she did a love spell on me for obedience and repeatedly. I would never say that this well-known person is engaged in magic. Check all your close relatives, even parents, for a minus condition.

  • Check if the roads are closed for something, on the topic of the future, what directions are promising for you, look for inspiration, do what you love, what inspires you, hobbies, hobbies, look for new hobbies, remember what fascinated you in childhood. In childhood, we are only from God and remember more.

When the black magic work is closed and you don't have artificially made negative bindings dragging you down into lower vibrations, the main stage of work is on your own.

According to magic, everything, further psychology, and work with the past and oneself, you can take a psychologist to help if necessary. But you can do better on your own with a diary and a report, if your motivation is enough.

After that, start working with yourself on your own, pulling yourself out of this "swamp" of low frequencies. When all the magic was removed, but the habit of living in the red remained. Those. there are no reasons for this, but we have already forgotten how to rejoice, smile, live in the black. Here you need to form, forcing yourself, the habit and reflex of life in positive vibrations. For 15 days of continuous work, a habit will be formed to live like this, and for 21 days a reflex. Those it's like laying the rails again every day, and sometimes it pulls back to complain about enemies or fate, etc., the rails are hard to lay, but after that you put the train on the rails and it's easy and automatic.

It is very important for the first 15-21 days to analyze your condition during the day, your thoughts, write down what drags you down, analyze it by turning a minus into a plus, track your vibrations.

Any minus that exists now must be perceived as just a combat mission. I have the experience of getting out of a big minus created by magic in 20 years, everyone has their own level of minus now, but there is only one decision to rise in vibrations, all depending on who fell where low in vibrations.

A little theory:

What are low vibrations, feelings: fear, envy, anger, aggression, hatred, regret, resentment, superiority, vanity, any obsessive thoughts, seeing only the dark side in everything, pessimism, unbelief, without enthusiasm, laziness, apathy, depression, bad thoughts about oneself or others, despair, irritation, etc.

Light high vibrations:

Joy, laughter, bright light thoughts, positive attitude, optimism, love, peace, tranquility, neutrality, nullification, a sense of success and good luck, joy for others, faith, hope, gratitude, a mood for success and good luck, a desire to work, a desire to give good and warm, good thoughts about yourself and others.

Thought ranges, examples: grief - from 0.1 to 2 hertz; fear - from 0.2 to 2.2 hertz; flash of rage - 0.5 hertz; perturbation - from 0.6 to 1.9 hertz; resentment - from 0.6 to 3.3 hertz; pride - 0.8 hertz;

irritation - from 0.9 to 3.8 hertz; irascibility - 0.9 hertz;

anger - 1.4 hertz; neglect - 1.5 hertz; superiority - 1.9 hertz; pity - only 3 hertz;

pride (delusions of grandeur, vanity) - 3.1 hertz; vibrations of gratitude (thank you) - 45 hertz; human love - 50 hertz; generosity - 95 hertz;

heartfelt gratitude - from 140 hertz and above; unity and communication with other people - 144 hertz and above; compassion - from 150 hertz and above; love that a person generates with his heart for all people and all living things without exception - from 150 hertz and above; love is unconditional, sacrificial, accepted in the universe - from 205 hertz and above.